As I prepare to release the new 3rd edition of my book Give Up Your Glasses For Good: Holistic Eye Care for the 21st Century, I am planning 2 book tours this summer and fall, first on the East Coast and second on the West Coast!

In June of 2018 I will be driving from North Carolina to Maine, making multiple stops along the way. I’m hoping to set up events in Richmond VA, Washington DC, Philadelphia PA, Princeton NJ, New York City NY, Boston MA, Berkshires MA, and Portland ME.

Then, in September of 2018 I will be flying out to the West Coast to participate in this year’s Association of Vision Educators Conference taking place in Portland OR. While I’m out there, I’d like to set up some additional events in Seattle WA, Vancouver BC, and Portland OR in October.

I’m still in the early planning stages, so stay tuned for more information being released later this year, especially if you live in one of these cities on the East or West coast of the USA!