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From October 17th to 20th, 2019, Nathan Oxenfeld is leading an Eyesight & Insight Immersion Retreat at Prama Institute just outside Asheville, North Carolina, USA!

You will get to spend 4 days and 3 nights without glasses, while learning powerful vision enhancing techniques from the Bates Method, Yoga, Meditation, Massage, and more.

By the end of the retreat you will not only notice a tangible improvement in your vision, but also know the tools to continue improving upon returning home. One of the first steps is to learn how to break your addiction to prescription lenses so you can begin to live a more independent life without being tethered to your glasses and contacts every day.

This retreat will provide the safe space for you to remove your glasses and practice natural vision improvement without needing to work, drive, or do other activities you would normally need lenses for. Can you remember the last time you spent 3 or 4 days with the naked eye? As you might imagine, some profound transformations can begin to take place when you do.

Not only will your eyesight improve, but your insight will too! This retreat will ignite your imagination, sharpen your memory, and vivify your visualization. Holistic Eye Care actually addresses the underlying root causes of vision problems, and also gives you general stress-management skills that can help so much more than just your eyes.

Each day you will learn powerful practices sourced from the Bates Method to relax your mind and your eyes. There will also be optional morning Yoga & Meditation classes to help calm your entire nervous system. You’ll also learn some Eye Massage techniques and some Brain Gym practices too that will bring relief to your muscles and bring balance to your mind. and The spaciousness of the retreat will allow ample time to integrate what you learn and have plenty of experiences with the practices. It also allows you to get all your questions answered by Nathan.

The setting for this retreat is an idyllic location for healing. Prama Institute is tucked away near the French Broad River less than 20 miles north of Asheville. This secluded spot hosts healing classes, workshops, and retreats year-round and is on a plot of beautiful land surrounded by trees and mountains. This is the perfect place to work on vision, providing sweeping vistas for distance gazing, outdoor time in nature, and gorgeous geodesic domes! Fall is a breathtaking time to be in Asheville because of the stunning color show that the trees put on as their leaves ignite with vivid colors.

What: Eyesight & Insight Retreat

Where: Prama Institute, Marshall, NC, USA

When: October 17-20, 2019

Private Room = $849 (sold out)
Shared Room = $749
Camping/Commuting = $599

The price of this retreat is all-inclusive, meaning it includes healthy vegetarian food (8 meals total), comfortable overnight lodging (3 nights total), and all the retreat activities (vision classes, yoga classes, etc.) Also includes a copy of Nathan’s book Give Up Your Glasses For Good and various other vision tools and materials to keep. Click Here to pay and save your space!

About Your Retreat Leader:

Nathan Oxenfeld wore glasses and contacts for 15 years before learning the holistic approach to eye care, which eventually led him back to 20/20 vision without glasses. He founded Integral Eyesight Improvement LLC in 2013 and has been helping other people improve their vision naturally locally in Asheville, North Carolina where he is based, online with people around the world, and in the various destinations he travels to throughout the year.


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