Holistic Eye Health

Holism is a Greek word meaning “whole” or “total”. In this case it refers to the interrelation of all the parts of the human body that comprise its entirety. The approach of Integral Eyesight Improvement is holistic in that it is not all about the eyes. All aspects of the human system are taken into account including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

presbyopia2The physical human body is an intelligently complex organism with interconnected parts working in harmony to create the being as a whole. No part of the body is separate from another part. The physical side of seeing deals with the anatomy and physiology of the human eyes. The Bates Method addresses the physical muscle tension held around the eyes, which once relieved, allows the eyeball to return its natural and relaxed shape.

The mental side of vision involves the use of the mind through memory and imagination to interpret what is seen. Mental stress not only decreases vision, but can also increase heart rate and blood pressure, shorten the breath, threaten the posture, constrict blood flow and interfere with digestion. Mental relaxation has the opposite affects, and is therefore both desired and achieved through the Bates Method. Integral Eyesight Improvement incorporates mental drills designed to induce mental relaxation and attune the mind to the idea of clear vision. The barrier of preconceived ideas must be overcome. The Bates Method is full of new ideas and information that may shatter old paradigms or beliefs held. By educating yourself about how the eyes work and proper vision habits, you carve new neural pathways in the brain that allow for the possibility of self-healing and improving eyesight.

The emotional past and present can play a part in the vision as well. There is a psychological aspect of vision and often boils down to the repression of fear or anger. Take a moment to reflect upon the time in your life when you first noticed that your vision was declining or when you were first prescribed corrective lenses. Times of emotional trauma and life transitions often accompany a change of visual status. Many times, simply confronting or dealing with unprocessed emotions can result in a clearing of inner and outer vision.

There also exists a spiritual aspect of vision improvement. Here, spiritual refers to the level joy, excitement, quality or enjoyment of life. Many people find the process of improving their eyesight very exciting and uplifting. They begin to see things more clearly, both on the outside and the inside. Insight or intuition begins to develop as eyesight improves. This leads to a greater sense of awe with the human organism and the other beings we share the planet with. While not necessarily being taught in Integral Eyesight Improvement, it is recognized and respected. Eyesight will improve whether you recognize the spiritual aspect or not… it’s up to you!