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What is the Bates Method?

Vision Training for Better Eyesight

The Long Swing


How To Get, And Use, Weaker Prescription “Training Glasses”

How To Visualize

Sunning & How Light Affects Sight


Blinking + Reverse Blinking


Vision Stretching

Centralizing: The Fundamental Principle

Nose Drawing (“My Eye Doctor Told Me I Can’t Improve My Vision”)

Reversing Astigmatism (with Esther Joy Van Der Werf)

Eye Mind Connection (The Correct Way To Practice The Bates Method)

Daily Vision Routine

Diet, Nutrition, and Supplementation for Optimal Eye Health

How To Prevent and Reverse Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

Clear Flashes and Dynamic vs. Passive Relaxation

Vision Retreats to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

The Art of Reading Near and Far

Movement: Be Aware of the Stare!

Yoga for the Eyes: Yogic Eye Movements

15 Minute Easy Yoga

Meditation for Your Eyes

Guided Visualization for Vision Improvement: Walking on a Beach and Swinging in a Hammock

Bates Method FAQ #1

Bates Method FAQ #2

Bates Method FAQ #3