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“9 Herbs for Healthy Eyes”

The following article is re-posted from Mother Earth Living. The full article can be found here. “9 Herbs for Healthy Eyes The plant world offers a medley of prevention and treatment for healthy eyes. By Linda B. White, M.D. April/May 2011 Q. Are…


Vision Myth #5

Vision Myth #5 – The sun is bad for your eyes and ultraviolet light should be blocked out at all times. FALSE. The sun has gotten a pretty bad rap in the past half-century. We hear it all around, that the sun ‘poses…


The Six Branches of Integral Eyesight Improvement

As the name implies, Integral Eyesight Improvement integrates several paths toward the achievement of improved eyesight.  The holistic nature of I.E.I. is represented by the interconnected circles in its symbol, which emanates out of an eye, whose shape is formed from two overlapping…