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As the name implies, Integral Eyesight Improvement integrates several paths toward the achievement of improved eyesight.  The holistic nature of I.E.I. is represented by the interconnected circles in its symbol, which emanates out of an eye, whose shape is formed from two overlapping circles.  Surrounding the central circle are six identical circles whose centers lie at the intersection of neighboring circles.  The six outer circles represent the Six Branches of Yoga:  Hatha, Jnana, Karma, Raja, Bhakti and Japa.

The yogic meanings of these branches are as follows:
Hatha Yoga is the physical branch accessed through various Asanas (postures, poses and stretches), Pranayama (breathing practices) and Kriyas (cleansing and detoxification).
 Jnana Yoga is the mental branch accessed through Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation), and Self-inquiry.
Karma Yoga is the branch of action accessed through having no attachment to the fruits of ones labor.
Raja Yoga is the “Royal” or intellectual branch accessed through study of spiritual scriptures or texts.
Bhakti Yoga is the branch of the heart accessed through love and devotion.
Japa Yoga is the chanting branch accessed through repetition of sacred mantras.

Integral Eyesight Improvement applies all of these yogic teachings to the Bates Method.  Click each branch for more information.
Hatha Vision is the physical aspect of eyesight improvement accessed through the various vision building drills, swings and movements used in eye training.
Jnana Vision is the mental aspect of eyesight improvement accessed through the various mental drills and visualizations used in eye training.
Karma Vision is the humble aspect of eyesight improvement accessed through non-attachment to results gained. (This aspect is very subtle and advanced to comprehend and practice.)
Raja Vision is the intellectual and logical aspect of eyesight improvement accessed through study of articles and books written either by Dr. William H. Bates or about improving eyesight naturally.
Bhakti Vision is the loving aspect of eyesight improvement accessed through banishing fear by opening the heart and devoting oneself to the practices.
Japa Vision is the habitual aspect of eyesight improvement accessed through regular repetition of the Bates Method practices for the duration of time necessary to retrain the mind and re-establish proper visual habits into the subconscious mind.

The seventh bold circle (the iris of the eye) in the center represents the unification of all the Branches of Integral Eyesight Improvement by means of the Bates Method.  The six petals  emanating from the central dot (the pupil of the eye), form out of the overlapping six outer circles and represent the fundamental principles of the Bates Method: relaxation, centralization, movement, sunning, imagination and memory.

Integral Eyesight Improvement is a holistic self-healing course that takes all realms of the human being into account in order to deal with the cause of visual disruption rather than treating the symptoms.  The goal of I.E.I. is equilibrium, balance and harmony; Eye-Mind coordination.  Any form of disharmony or disconnection will skew the balance of this symbol, and therefore the human being it represents.  Imperfect vision is a sign from the body informing us that something is out of balance and needs attention.  The eyes were designed to function with as much ease as the other sensory organs.  Through the Bates Method we work to remove unconscious tension of the body and mind and sit back and relax as we watch our vision return to its original state; a state of equilibrium, rest and clarity.