The Bates Method

The Bates Method is a proven method that addresses the underlying root causes of imperfect vision instead of treating the symptoms. It may be likened to physical therapy for the eyes and students learn to build vision while decreasing dependency on artificial lenses. Almost all functional vision problems can be overcome and reversed with natural methods.

The essence of the Bates Method is that relaxation increases vision and strain decreases vision.

This refers to any type of relaxation and any type of strain, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Side effects of the Bates Method may include, but are not limited to:ย  clearer eyesight, stronger intuition, greater mental focus, improved memory, increased brain activity, heightened senses, heightened awareness and attention, deeper breathing, better posture, healthier lifestyle, feeling and appearing younger, positive mental outlook, more restful sleep, easeful nervous system, strain-free reading and speed reading, stronger connection and expression of emotions, and an overall greater sense of aliveness and cooperation with surrounding environment.

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