New Zealand & Australia Sights

After going through a difficult period of transition in early 2018, I planned an extensive trip “down under” immediately following my Pacific Northwest Book Tour. So after hosting and teaching 7 successful events in Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver, and Portland, I set off for 2 months in New Zealand followed by 1 month in Australia.

I had a 24 hour layover in Hawaii, where I got to connect with a fellow Bates Method Teacher named Kate Keilman, who is based in Honolulu, Oahu.

The next day I flew to Auckland, New Zealand, which is where I spent just over 2 weeks.


On my second day in New Zealand, I bought a used car to get around the country in over the next 2 months.

Since I work with many of my students online at a distance, I was still able to teach lessons and work even while I traveled (working with the significant time difference).

While in Auckland, I filmed a new YouTube video called “Bates Method 101: Shifting“.


I made some new friends while in Auckland – people and dogs!

After my time in Auckland, I set off a road trip across both the North Island and the South Island.

The nature in New Zealand is stunning… complete with waterfalls…

… underground glowworm caves …

… abundant wildlife (tui bird on flax plant) …

… geothermal hot springs …

… bodies of water colors I’ve never seen before …

… Redwood Forest Canopy Walk …

… turquoise blue oceans …

… endless hiking trails …

While in Rotorua, I recorded a 45 minute follow-along holistic vision practice audio guide. Give it a listen if you haven’t already!

 After a month on the North Island, I took the 3 hour ferry across the Cook Strait to the South Island for 2 weeks of exploring.

Murchison, New Zealand.

Pancake Rocks, West Coast.

South Island splendor.

Driving up Arthur’s Pass.

Beautiful Lupins blooming in Spring.

Castle Rock, New Zealand.

Devil’s Punchbowl.

New Zealand’s Pacific Coast.

Eye mural in rural New Zealand.

Sunset in Greymouth, New Zealand.

The Center of New Zealand, located in Nelson.

I took the three hour ferry back to the North Island and arrived to a beautiful rainbow greeting me in Wellington!

It’s called “Windy Wellington” because it is the windiest city in the world.

The Wonderful Wellington Harbor.

After two full months in New Zealand, I flew from the Wellington Airport (complete with Lord Of The Rings characters) to Brisbane, Australia.

Brisbane Skyline.

Happy New Year!

While in Brisbane, I filmed another YouTube video / Naked Eye Podcast episode about reflecting on your 2018 and envisioning your 2019.

I met my first pair of Koalas in Queensland!

And my first mob of kangaroos!

I visited the very southern section of the Great Barrier Reef and went scuba diving for the first time at Lady Musgrave Island.

Sunset in Brisbane, Australia.

After a week in Brisbane, I took the train down to the Gold Coast.

I hosted a free vision walk on the beach at Surfer’s Paradise and had a great turnout!

After the Gold Coast, I flew to Melbourne down in South Australia.

I hosted a free vision walk at Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne and got to meet some of my students in person!

Melbourne has the most incredible street art.

Since it is summertime in January down in Australia, I took advantage of the warm sun before returning to winter in the USA. Have you sunned your eyes today?

I also saw my first wild penguin. Melbourne is home to the world’s smallest penguins, appropriately called Little Penguins.

Remember, it’s not all fun and games… I taught more online consultations, lessons, and classes while in Australia too.

After a week in Melbourne, I flew to Sydney for my final stop in Australia.

I hosted a free vision walk at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.

After a month in Australia, I flew to San Diego, California to visit my vision teacher Dr. Jerriann Taber.

I seem to always see eyes wherever I go!

I hosted a free vision walk at the Waterfront Park in San Diego, California. I felt honored because a couple people actually flew from out of state just to attend my vision walk!

After four months on the road, I finally flew back to North Carolina in preparation for my move back to Asheville.

Thanks for following along! Stay tuned for future trips and travels. Check out the Events page for any upcoming talks, walks, or workshops near you.

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