Light & Vision Conferences in Europe 2019

My recent travels to and through Europe this fall were a success!

Have a look below at some of the highlights from my trip to Croatia to attend the International Light Association Conference, then to Germany to attend and present at the International Holistic Vision Conference.

I learned a lot at both conferences, so stay tuned for an upcoming episode of The Naked Eye Podcast with a full recap.

In the meantime, please enjoy these pictures:

I left Asheville during a misty sunrise to fly all the way to Pula, Croatia. Peaceful start to a long travel day.


Dr. Ray Gottlieb leads the way into the International Light Association’s 16th Annual Conference, titled “Light & Colour for Health & Wellbeing”, hosted in historic Pula, Croatia.
The ILA Conference was full of interactive light exhibits and color therapy devices, like this color-changing pyramid relaxation tent. It contained an essential oil diffuser and some soothing music, which felt quite peaceful when the tent was zipped shut!


With it being my first experience with the ILA, I looked forward to tapping into a new community and making new connections.
It was fascinating to learn about all the various types of light and color therapy devices that were on display at the Light Conference.
Vision Educator Ree Coleman meets with Dr. Jacob Liberman at the International Light Association Conference in September 2019.


I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Jacob Liberman at this beautiful spot in Pula, Croatia for the Vision 2020 Documentary, to be released next year.
Pula is known for it’s waterside Roman style Amphitheater, which is claimed to be more intact that the Coliseum in Rome.
Dr. Jacob Liberman closes out the Light Conference with his keynote speech in the gorgeous conference hall, where we spent three days discussing the health implications and possibilities of light and color.
The International Light Assocation Conference intentionally lined up with the 2019 Light Festival called Visualia.


High powered projectors were used to transpose light and color onto historic structures in the center of Pula, Croatia during the Visualia Light Festival.


I couldn’t leave the Adriatic Coast without taking a swim in the crystal clear waters.
I stopped for a few days in Croatia’s capital Zagreb in between the Light Conference and the Vision Conference.


The 27th International Holistic Vision Conference took place near Frankfurt, Germany at the beginning of October 2019.


The conference hosted over 100 natural vision educators from all around the world.
It was wonderful meeting up with my colleague and cohost of Better Eyesight Podcast, Esther Joy Van Der Werf, who just released her brand new book titled “Optimal Eyesight”.
I always get so energized with I attend these gatherings of international vision educators – I love how people from all over the world are dedicating their lives to the cause of holistic eye care!
It was a delight to interview Dr. Ray Gottlieb for the Vision 2020 Documentary while at the International Holistic Vision Conference in Germany.
Dozens of teachers and natural vision enthusiasts follow along to a guided swinging meditation in the main conference hall at the Academy for Healthy Living.


I also got to interview Béatrice Pauly-Laubry, a Bates Method Teacher from Paris, France, for the Vision 2020 Documentary, who has a unique background in both psychology and yoga.
Amelia Jurado Fernandez leads a group of vision teachers on a sunrise stroll through the forest, where she demonstrated and taught us how to Chi Walk and Chi Run.
How lucky am I to get to interview two Amelia’s at once!? Both from Spain, Amelia Jurado Fernandez and Amelia Salvador MD embrace the Bates Method of natural vision improvement and contributed so much good energy to the documentary, and the entire conference!
I sat down with Maurizio Cagnoli from Rome, Italy, who runs several vision training schools across Italy, Spain, Argentina, and Mexico!
After his 3 hour workshop, Pashya Roberto Kaplan indulged me with an engaging interview for the Vision 2020 Documentary.


Amidst the business of helping organize and run the International Holistic Vision Conference, Wolfgang Hätscher-Rosenbauer and I found time to sit down and record his interview for the Vision 2020 Documentary. Wolfgang is based in Frankfurt and was proud to host the conference in his home town!
Claudia Muehlenweg and I co-taught a 3 hour workshop called Growing Your Practice Online, all about empowering more vision educators to take their message online to make a greater impact and share the gift of natural vision improvement with more of the world. The theme of the entire conference was “Creating A World Wide Vision Web”, and what better way to do that than with the world wide web?
Claudia Muehlenweg is based in Los Angeles, California. She also provided the German translation for our entire workshop – awesome job, couldn’t have done it without you!
After attending 2 enlightening conferences in 3 weeks across Europe, I was ready to return home to Asheville, North Carolina.
I returned to Asheville on a quiet evening, to prepare for my 4 Day Eyesight & Insight Immersion Retreat.