Light & Vision Conferences in Europe 2019

My recent travels to and through Europe this fall were a success!

Have a look below at some of the highlights from my trip to Croatia to attend the International Light Association Conference, then to Germany to attend and present at the International Holistic Vision Conference.

I learned a lot at both conferences, so stay tuned for an upcoming episode of The Naked Eye Podcast with a full recap.

In the meantime, please enjoy these pictures:

I left Asheville during a misty sunrise to fly all the way to Pula, Croatia. Peaceful start to a long travel day.


Dr. Ray Gottlieb leads the way into the International Light Association’s 16th Annual Conference, titled “Light & Colour for Health & Wellbeing”, hosted in historic Pula, Croatia.
The ILA Conference was full of interactive light exhibits and color therapy devices, like this color-changing pyramid relaxation tent. It contained an essential oil diffuser and some soothing music, which felt quite peaceful when the tent was zipped shut!