Computer Vision and Blocking Blue Light

Watch this 7 minute Ted Talk by Daniel Georgiev explaining how technology is killing our eyes…

and then listen to my hour long interview with him below to learn how to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of slow flicker rates and blue light coming from your computer monitors and screens.

Episode 021: Computer Vision and Blocking Blue Light with Daniel Georgiev, the creator of Iris

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Daniel Georgiev, the creator of Iris, which is a blue light blocking computer software. Daniel lives in Bulgaria and his Iris software has been gaining more traction recently. Apple and Android have both added blue-blocking features to all their smartphones and tablets… but what about your laptop or desktop computer?

That’s where Iris comes in. You can download Iris on all your laptops and computers to begin protecting your eyes from the potentially hazardous effects of excessive exposure to blue light being emitted from your screens.

Blocking blue light by using softwares, blue blocking glasses, improving our vision habits, or limiting screen time, can help decrease Computer Vision Syndrome symptoms, prevent blurry vision and dry eyes, and even prevent future development of eye complications like cataracts and macular degeneration.

Nathan and Daniel discuss the negative effects of the blue light coming from your screen and how to block it, the flicker rate of your screen and how to fix it, the benefits of full spectrum sunlight to counteract screen time, whether blue blocking glasses work or not, proper vision habits while working on the computer, proper lighting and different types of artificial light bulbs, and many other interesting topics.

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