Look With Love: The Art of Receptive Eyesight

The phrase “Look With Love” sounds nice, but what does it mean? Maybe to understand what it means it will help to understand what it doesn’t mean. When not looking with love you look with fear, doubt, judgement, concern, worry, confusion, resistance, effort or strain, which all lead to blurry vision. Therefore when looking with love you look with awe, excitement, embrace, joy, ease and relaxation. Looking with love means seeing in a receptive way.

You take information in through our eyes in the form of light. Instead of reaching out into the world with your eyes to pull light in, just sit back, relax and allow the information to enter on its own. If you reach out from your eyes then your head will reach forward too, which can compromise your posture and in turn disrupt your visual system. If you look with love then your head will naturally relax back into a more comfortable position, which will simultaneously make you feel more cradled and confident. You switch from reaching to receiving, from forcing to allowing.


Imagine how a baby uses his or her eyes and try to remember when you looked at the world for the first time. When you practice looking with love you will notice that your eyes soften, your muscles relax and the corners of your mouth may curl up into a little smile. Keep in mind that it is nearly impossible to look with love with a frown upon your face. The art of receptive sight is seeing with your heart instead of your head. Looking with love banishes all physical, mental and emotional strain and therefore induces clearer eyesight and insight. A good indicator that you are truly looking with love is that you giggle and your eyes will tingle with the awakening sense-ation of gently allowing light to enter your body through your eyes. It almost tickles!

Tip #1: See if you can begin to actually feelย the light entering your eyes, landing on your retinas, traveling through your optic nerves and stimulating your visual cortex in the very back of your brain.ย ย 

By becoming more receptive, you may also become aware that vision is not just a one-way street. The art of receptive eyesight is both passive and active. Your eyes receive and your eyes give. By sending love and light out through your eyes, you are inviting more love and light to return through your eyes. If on the other hand you send out anger, confusion, fear or blur, then that is what will return to you.ย 

Tip #2: Use your eyes like expensive paintbrushes, gently painting a beautiful portrait in front of you. Become an artist by playing more of an active role in your vision. Even if the picture is blurry at first, accept it and love it as you practice.

One of the first steps to improving your eyesight is embracing the blur and working with the vision that you have at this moment. Resisting the blur will only bring more blur. Blurry eyesight is a message from within that something is out of balance. Resisting or covering up the blur with glasses, contacts or surgery is ignoring that critical message from within. Removing your lenses and accepting the blur is receiving that message and initiating an investigation as to what is out of balance and why. As you dig deeper within, remember to look with love internally as well as externally. I look forward to hearing how looking with love changes your eyesight, insight or perspective on life.