Bates Fundamentals and Procedures with Dr. Ray Gottlieb

In this episode of The Naked Eye Podcast, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld is joined by Dr. Ray Gottlieb as they review some key parts of his Bates Fundamentals & Procedures document, which you can download here:

Click Here to Download Dr. Ray Gottlieb’s Bates Fundamentals and Procedures document that we refer to in this podcast episode.

0:00 – 13:00 – Nathan’s Introduction
14:14 – Find the PDF on Ray’s website
14:56 – Dr. Ray Gottlieb’s introduction
15:35 – Ray’s vision history
16:00 – Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, and Bates in 1970
17:00 – Self-Taught Bates System leads to first clear flash
18:00 – Central Fixation at an optometry meeting
19:00 – Comparing learning eyesight improvement to learning piano
20:00 – On-demand clarity
21:00 – Curiosity and dedication help get through plateaus
23:00 – Using self-massage techniques on face and neck to relax eyes
24:00 – Being patient with the process to fizzle out frustration
26:00 – Any form of relaxation counts
27:00 – Everything in the Bates Method is about relaxing the eyes
28:00 – Story of the Presbyopia Reduction Chart
30:00 – Vision habits showing up in everyday life, practicing all the time
32:00 – Make an appointment with yourself, and show up
33:00 – Palming without the palms, maintaining visualization
34:00 – Become aware, remember to be aware, prolong attention span for the awareness, maintain awareness in demanding situations
37:00 – Blink and Breathe Now! Signs
39:00 – Breathing well changes pH of blood and increases threshold of when fight/flight response takes place
40:30 – Current research backs up Bates’ practice of “Dodging”
44:00 – Bates wants us to maintain good vision habits for life
45:00 – Palming Visualization Practices
46:00 – Extending attention span for breathing
47:00 – Five Finger Exercise
51:00 – The Big Squeeze
56:00 – The Light Touch
58:00 – The Alexander Technique
59:00 – Visualizing Letters and Numbers
1:00:00 – Body Posture and Vision
1:02:00 – Love Trust and Gratitude
1:08:00 – Visualizing the Color Black
1:09:00 – Using the Star Charts for Central Fixation
1:16:00 – Convergence and Divergence on the Star Charts
1:18:00 – Building depth perception by touching the tip of a pointer to the center of a star one eye at a time
1:20:00 – Deepening the breath with breathing games
1:25:00 – The Bates Method is about the eye-mind connection, bringing more attention to where you are looking
1:28:00 – What is your #1 tip for getting started?
1:29:00 – Toning and vibration cleans your brain
1:32:00 – Brahmari Pranayama
1:33:00 – Don’t try too hard to visualize
1:35:00 – Breathe 100 times, Call for the letters
1:39:00 – Go to for more information

Click Here to Download Dr. Ray Gottlieb’s The Psychophysiology of Nearsightedness PhD dissertation.

Click Here to Rent or Purchase the documentary film Vision 2020: From Eyesight To Insight featuring Dr. Ray Gottlieb, Dr. Jacob Liberman, Dr. Roberto Kaplan, Meir Schneider, and many more.

For more information, visit Dr. Ray Gottlieb’s website