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How To Achieve Flashes of Clearer Vision

Click the image above to watch my most recent Bates Method 101 video, in which I address the topic of Clear Flashes, and how “dynamic relaxation” and “central fixation” are the primary ways to make these improvements appear and last longer. When you start…


Diet, Nutrition, and Supplementation for Your Eyes

Over 25% of the nutrients you absorb from the food you eat goes to nourishing all the various parts of your visual system. What you eat can influence how you see. If you want a list of specific foods to limit or avoid…


Vision Myth #5

Vision Myth #5 – The sun is bad for your eyes and ultraviolet light should be blocked out at all times. FALSE. The sun has gotten a pretty bad rap in the past half-century. We hear it all around, that the sun ‘poses…


Bates Method 101: Movement – Be Aware of the Stare!

Here is the next installment of my Bates Method 101 instructional videos. This edition covers the central idea of movement and the opposite of movement: staring. Staring is a poor vision habit that most people learn early on in life. To improve your…


Bates Method 101: Palming

Below is an instructional video about Palming, a central practice of the Bates Method of natural eyesight improvement. Most people overwork their eyes and do not give them sufficient rest. I always recommend that people palm every day. Right when I wake up…


Swing Your Way to Clearer Vision

Do you remember how much fun you had playing on swing sets as a child? Think about how relaxing it is swing gently in a hammock or to sway back and forth in a rocking chair. These activities are not only fun and…