Global Natural Vision Summit

I am pleased to be a part of the upcoming Global Natural Vision 2020 Summit, hosted by my friend and colleague Dr. Ainhoa de Federico from February 16th to 19th, 2021. Ainhoa has gathered 30 speakers from 20 countries to co-create this eye-opening event… and I am grateful to be one of them!​ ​ ​Click… Continue reading Global Natural Vision Summit

Summer 2019 Tour Complete!

My one-month Summer 2019 trip began in British Columbia where I co-led a 4 day Eyesight & Bodywork Retreat with Beata Barinbaum on Bowen Island. Rivendell Retreat Center was a very peaceful place to dive deep into an eyesight and bodywork immersion. Attendees participated in vision training techniques in the morning and received bodywork in… Continue reading Summer 2019 Tour Complete!

45 Minute Follow-Along Vision Routine

    Episode 028: Follow-Along Holistic Vision Routine with Nathan Oxenfeld In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld guides you through about a half-dozen holistic vision practices to give you a personal experience of natural vision improvement. Settle in, eliminate all distractions, and follow along for about 45 minutes of: Diaphragmatic Breathing, Sighing,… Continue reading 45 Minute Follow-Along Vision Routine

PNW Book Tour Complete!

  Thank you to everyone who attended my events last month up and down the Pacific North West! The trip began with the 4th Association of Vision Educators (AVE) Conference at Still Meadow Retreat Center, which you can hear a full recap of in Episode 27 of the Naked Eye Podcast. After the conference, I rented a… Continue reading PNW Book Tour Complete!

A Sight For Sore Eyes

A Sight for Sore Eyes by Shaun Marron An estimate stemming from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey states that around 50 percent of Americans over the age of 20 suffer from vision problems, especially those approaching middle age. Vision ailment leads many to buy glasses, contact lenses, or even laser vision correction. Nathan… Continue reading A Sight For Sore Eyes

Nathan Interviews Esther Joy Van Der Werf About Reversing Astigmatism

In Episode 25 of The Naked Eye Podcast, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Esther Joy Van Der Werf about the functional causes of astigmatism, and natural ways to reverse it without glasses or contacts. Whether you’re trying to get rid of astigmatism or prevent astigmatism in the future, this episode will provide you with several action steps… Continue reading Nathan Interviews Esther Joy Van Der Werf About Reversing Astigmatism

Nathan Interviews Greg Marsh About EFT

Please enjoy some video clips from a recent episode of the Naked Eye Podcast where Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Greg Marsh about the emotional aspects of vision improvement. Here is the full hour and a half audio episode of this podcast: Greg leads Nathan through a sample of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to demonstrate how it… Continue reading Nathan Interviews Greg Marsh About EFT

East Coast Book Tour Begins!

To commemorate the release of the new 3rd edition of his book Give Up Your Glasses For Good: Holistic Eye Care for the 21st Century, Nathan Oxenfeld will be hosting a handful book launch events on the East Coast of the USA throughout the month of June 2018.   Book Launch Events: Vision Improvement Talks & Workshops May… Continue reading East Coast Book Tour Begins!

Modern Day Bates Method

We are approaching the 100-year anniversary of Dr. Bates’ book Perfect Sight Without Glasses being published back in 1920. His original book was a pioneering work that paved the way for the development of Holistic Eye Care as we know it today. As an ophthalmologist and a scientist, Dr. Bates’ book isn’t necessarily the most compelling read.… Continue reading Modern Day Bates Method