20/20 Vision Is Effortless

As the beautiful sights and smells of autumn envelop our surroundings we can take a moment to learn a lesson from nature’s changing seasons. Autumn is a time of letting go. All around us we witness trees letting go by dropping their leaves to the ground. What can this teach us about ourselves and specifically about our vision?… Continue reading 20/20 Vision Is Effortless

Bates Method vs. Eye Exercises

Lots of people automatically associate “The Bates Method” and “Natural Vision Improvement” with “Eye Exercises”.  In reality though, eye exercises fundamentally contradict the main idea behind the Bates Method.  This important distinction between the two must be understood and a change of language is necessary when describing the Bates Method. “Eye Exercises” imply effort.  Popular… Continue reading Bates Method vs. Eye Exercises

Vision Myth #1

Vision Myth #1:  Visual loss cannot be stopped or reversed. FALSE. Visual loss can be stopped in its tracks and reversed through relaxation and vision training, returning the eyesight to 20/20 or better. The human body has miraculous healing powers. When you scrape your knee the blood clots, a scab is formed and in a… Continue reading Vision Myth #1