How Do You Use Your Eyes?

You may know that you use your eyes for almost everything you do each day. But has anyone ever asked you how you use your eyes before? Have you ever analyzed how you use your eyes? There are only two possible ways you can use your eyes: in a strained way or in a relaxed… Continue reading How Do You Use Your Eyes?

Bates Method 101: Movement – Be Aware of the Stare!

Here is the next installment of my Bates Method 101 instructional videos. This edition covers the central idea of movement and the opposite of movement: staring. Staring is a poor vision habit that most people learn early on in life. To improve your own eyesight it is necessary to break the habit of staring. How… Continue reading Bates Method 101: Movement – Be Aware of the Stare!

Be Aware of the Stare

Don't look a statue by staring

Do you ever catch yourself staring throughout the day? Do you ever wonder why you are staring? Let’s take a moment to explore the phenomenon of staring. Staring is one of the most common poor vision habits. The eyes stop moving and lock onto one object. Once the stare has taken hold it can be… Continue reading Be Aware of the Stare

Vision and Posture

Your thoughts, emotions and eyesight are influenced by your posture.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Likewise we can ask which came first, poor vision or poor posture? Vision and posture are intricately linked. The eyes are extensions of the brain and therefore a part of our central nervous system. When light strikes the photoreceptor cells (rods and cones) on the retina in the back of the… Continue reading Vision and Posture

Vision Myth #1

Vision Myth #1:  Visual loss cannot be stopped or reversed. FALSE. Visual loss can be stopped in its tracks and reversed through relaxation and vision training, returning the eyesight to 20/20 or better. The human body has miraculous healing powers. When you scrape your knee the blood clots, a scab is formed and in a… Continue reading Vision Myth #1