Involuntary muscles in the eye work to open and close the iris in order to allow the proper amount of light into the eye. Overuse of sunglasses or tinted lenses can weaken the iris’ ability to respond to the environment and increase your sensitivity to light, sometimes to a painful level. The purpose of palming and sunning helps keep the eyes young and flexible and allow you to take in natural full spectrum sunlight with ease. The sun is very beneficial for the eyes if taken in moderation and in proper technique. Comfort is always your guide. Many people suffer from “mal-illumination” or lack of full spectrum natural sunlight. This is due to a combination of too much time spent indoors under artificial light and blocking out the sun’s rays with glasses, contacts or sunglasses, which have only been a part of the human experience for less than a hundred years. Compare that short amount of time to the hundreds of thousands of years the human species has spent evolving in direct sunlight. Sunglasses started out as tools for fighter pilots flying high up in the atmosphere who had to deal with the intense glare of the sun. After World War II the tinted goggle trend spread to the Earth’s surface and now we’ve reached a point where people are very dependent upon them and cannot step outside without them.

sunThe most basic form of sunning consists of closing the eyes, facing the sun and swaying the head left to right while breathing deeply. This helps get the eyes used to handling light while simultaneously relaxing all the muscles in and around the eye. Palming is one of the most beneficial and relaxing practices one can do for their eyes. It is very simple and very comforting. You simply place your palms over the eyes with fingers overlapped over the forehead blocking out any light. Make sure not to press on the eyes or put any pressure on the eyes, simply block out all the light. Palming stimulates the optic nerve, releases the muscles around the eyes, and can quickly induce a state of deep relaxation. The warmth, magnetism and darkness provided from the palms gives the eyes a tremendous amount of rest.

The physical act of palming is very beneficial on its own, but in order to experience more vision improvement we must involve the mind as well, since vision is 90% mental and 10% physical. Memory, imagination and visualization are three very important tools for improving your eyesight, so either recall a pleasant happy memory or envision a peaceful and calming scene while you palm. Involve all five senses in your visualization and incorporate some sort of movement as well. Make sure to imagine everything in your visualization perfectly crystal clear.