Holistic Vision Program

Nathan Oxenfeld has created an online program that teaches you how to heal your eyes holistically at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. It is called the Holistic Vision Program and it walks you through the same exact process Nathan used to decrease and eventually eliminate his nearsightedness and astigmatism. The self-healing practices contained in this program can also help you deal with and decrease other vision problems like farsightedness, computer vision syndrome, eye strain, lazy eye, dry eyes, double vision, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and more. One primary goal of this program is to identify and address the underlying root causes of vision problems to provide a more permanent and sustainable solution than the orthodox approach of only wearing artificial lenses or getting invasive surgeries.

This brand new online program will be available beginning March 1st, 2017.

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You can improve the health of your eyes and decrease dependency on glasses and contacts by following the simple and natural practices contained in this Holistic Vision Program sourced from the Bates Method, Yoga, Breathwork, Vision Training, and more.

When you enroll in this Holistic Vision Program you get…

  • 6 Follow-Along “Vision Practice” videos that show you exactly how to perform the vision enhancing practices

  • 4 in depth “Vision Education” videos that explain the theory and purpose of all the vision enhancing practices

  • 7 comprehensive Digital Workbooks that accompany the videos and include all the step-by-step instructions for the practices contained in the videos

  • Dozens of downloadable and printable eye charts and vision training tools that will help you learn how to improve your vision naturally

  • BONUS! A complimentary 1 hour private vision improvement session with Nathan Oxenfeld

In this program you will learn:

  1. RELAXATION FOUNDATIONS: How to relax your eyes and mind
  2. EYE YOGA: How to relax your body and breath
  3. EYE-MIND CONNECTION: How to balance your brain and eyes
  4. PERIPHERAL VS. CENTRAL: How to map and focus your visual field
  5. THE #1 VISION TRAINING TOOL: How to use eye charts to build vision near and far
  6. HOW TO SEE CLEARLY IN PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE: How to clear emotional root causes with hindsight, how to see here now, how to clarify your future with foresight

When you start doing things every day to make your eyes healthier and happier, you may notice certain benefits including but not limited to:

  • Decreased eyestrain
  • Increased circulation
  • Increased lymph flow
  • Greater nutrient absorption
  • Elimination of light sensitivity
  • Increased tear production
  • Physical & mental relaxation & focus
  • Wider depth perception
  • More vivid color vision
  • Heightened senses
  • Clearer eyesight
  • Less addicted to prescription lenses
  • Drop down to weaker prescription
  • Give up glasses for good
  • More confidence
  • Less eye fatigue while reading or working on computers
  • Deeper mental focus
  • Longer attention span
  • Sharper memory
  • Better balance
  • More restful sleep
  • More vivid dreams
  • many more…