Summer 2019 Tour Complete!

My one-month Summer 2019 trip began in British Columbia where I co-led a 4 day Eyesight & Bodywork Retreat with Beata Barinbaum on Bowen Island.

Rivendell Retreat Center was a very peaceful place to dive deep into an eyesight and bodywork immersion.

Attendees participated in vision training techniques in the morning and received bodywork in the afternoon.

We even experienced some evening and night vision activation activities!

Several people experienced measurable results in their eyesight and had valuable realizations in their insight. After the retreat on the island, I taught a two hour workshop in the city of Vancouver. Then I flew down to Portland, Oregon to meet Barry and Craig to begin filming for the Vision 2020 Documentary.

Craig filmed Barry and I in Portland for a few scenes for the documentary, and also filmed the workshop we co-taught at New Renaissance Bookshop. Check out for more information about the film and to support the project!

We filmed several conversations in the car on our drive from Portland to Oakland, and stopped at a few beautiful spots to do some filming, like at Crater Lake in Oregon.

Once we arrived in the Bay Area, we arranged interviews with Meir Schneider and Melissa Moody at the School for Self Healing in San Francisco, California.

Barry and I found a unique filming spot in Oakland to conduct each others’ interviews for the documentary.

I flew back to the East Coast to conduct a few more interviews, with the first being Ree Coleman in Massachusetts –

Next I drove up to Maine to interview Rosemary Gordon –

Lastly, I drove to New York to interview Dr. Marc Grossman –

The final stop on the journey was to teach a two hour workshop at Integral Yoga Institute of New York.

What a productive and inspiring trip! I am very happy to be back home in Asheville to be available for teaching vision lessons locally and online, until my next trip to Europe this fall!


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