Vision 2020 Documentary

Holistic Vision Care has been practiced for more than a century, but very few people know about it.

Our goal is to change that!

In the year 2020, we released a documentary film called “Vision 2020: From Eyesight To Insight“.

This film follows two natural vision educators (Barry Auchettl from Australia and Nathan Oxenfeld from America) as they travel the globe to discover the history of holistic vision care, interview the worldโ€™s leading experts in the field, hear inspiring success stories and bring natural vision education into clearer focus for a wider audience.

Releasing a documentary about eyesight in the year 2020 is significant because natural vision education is about improving eyesight naturally rather than using of glasses, contact lenses, or undergoing surgery. It also marks the 100th anniversary since the publication ofย Perfect Sight Without Glassesย by Dr. William H. Bates. However, despite the success of the Bates Method of Natural Vision Improvement, it is still not widely recognized.

Since vision deterioration is the world’s biggest health epidemic, our mission is to raise awareness about natural vision improvement and its effectiveness. There are natural alternatives to the conventional approach to vision care, and more people deserve to know about them.

Barry Auchettl and Nathan Oxenfeld used natural vision improvement techniques to rid themselves of glasses and achieve clear vision naturally. Now they are teaching others how to improve their vision by using the Bates Method and other holistic approaches.

However, Barry and Nathan are not alone. There is a global network of natural vision educators that Barry and Nathan will introduce you to. Following their journey across North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Europe, you will see how changing your vision can change your life.

You may even see clearer just by watching the film!

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