Computer Eyes Program

How to take care of your eyes while using digital devices

What is Computer Eyes?

More than 80% of all school tasks are based on vision.

Computer Eyes is an online children’s vision training program that offers a unique insight into the maintenance of eye health while living in a world full of screens.

Increased dependence on computer-based work has led to eye strain (asthenopia) and other conditions related to eye stress. Eye strain directly impacts concentration levels and the ability to learn for all staff and students.

Computer Eyes is an education-based model that is specifically designed for school-age children, but can technically help anyone learn simple ways to protect their eyes, regardless of age.

What are the current issues regarding vision?

> Students and teachers are having to use digital devices more frequently and viewing device screens for more than 2 hours a day, which is the threshold amount of time where potential damage begins to occur. <

> Using digital devices for longer periods of time can lead to eye strain, headaches and other vision-related problems. <

> Sore eyes and physical discomfort contribute to declining concentration levels and shorter attention spans in students.<

> More and more teachers and students are reliant on glasses or other correction to see. <

Glasses and Contacts do not necessarily guarantee the development of good vision habits or optimal eye health. <

What are the Benefits of Computer Eyes?

+ By employing simple and effective vision training practices, we can decrease computer eye strain.

+ Techniques learned will allow students to overcome problems caused by excessive use of computers, television, smartphones, and gaming consoles.

+ Using a whole brain integration method, we can improve alertness and enhance learning.

Students and teachers can enjoy the rewards of fewer eye health problems.

+ Practicing the fun and easy vision activities can lead to increased attention spans and concentration levels in students.

+ Following this educational model can decrease the dependency on wearing glasses.

How Does Computer Eyes Work?

The Computer Eyes Program has 5 modules:

1) Introduction

2) Practices

3) Lessons

4) Conclusion

5) Bonus

The program includes over a dozen simple and easy-to-follow vision enhancing practices. Just watch the video, follow along, and see the benefits!

How Can My School Obtain Computer Eyes?

The Computer Eyes Program is available for students, teachers and ancillary staff. The program has been developed by Barry Auchettl from Australia, who has a Master of Education degree on the effect of computers and digital devices on vision and Nathan Oxenfeld, who is the leading Vision Educator in the USA.

Computer Eyes is now available!

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