The Naked Eye Book Tour

Not enough people know vision can be improved. I want to change that.

From April to June of 2015, I embarked on a three month cross-country book tour for the release of my self-published title, Give Up Your Glasses for Good: Holistic Eyecare for the 21st Century.

Virtual BookThis 240 page book presents an easy and holistic alternative to glasses, contacts, or surgery, as it guides you through the step-by-step process of improving your own vision naturally. Not enough people know that vision can be improved, and it is my goal to help raise awareness of the simple and natural alternatives that most eye doctors are not telling us about. Vision is a skill that can be enhanced by learning and practicing relaxation practices sourced from the Bates Method, Yoga, and Meditation. This book outlines the path that I took to give up my glasses for good. If you read this book and follow the path, you can learn how to give up your glasses for good too.

And I want to be the one to help you give up your glasses for good.

I offered free talks and interactive workshops in 15 different cities…

The Naked Eye Book Tour 2015:

Asheville, NC – 3/28 @ Crystal Visions Bookstore
Athens, GA – 4/8 @ BLOOM Athens
Atlanta, GA – 4/9 & 4/10 @ Candler Park Yoga
Montgomery, AL – 4/11 @ Alabama Book Festival
Plano, TX – 4/15 @ Plano Masjid
Austin, TX – 4/17 @ Soma Vida
Austin, TX – 4/19 @ Casa De Luz
Tucson, AZ – 4/23 @ Mostly Books
Scottsdale, AZ – 4/24 @ A Peace of the Universe
San Jose, CA – 5/6 @ Be The Change Yoga & Wellness
Portland, OR – 5/24 @ New Renaissance Bookshop
Bend, OR – 5/26 @ Synergy Health & Wellness
Boulder, CO – 5/30 @ Dova Center for Health & Healing
Chicago, IL – 6/5 & 6/6 @ Rooted Self Expression Center
Landsdale, PA – 6/12 @ Arnold’s Way
Richmond, VA – 6/17 @ Integral Yoga Center

The Tour’s Impact

Too many people suffer unnecessarily from eyestrain. The epidemic of eyestrain and vision problems is only growing in our fast-paced civilization. More and more children are getting fitted for glasses younger and younger. Too many people leave their eye doctor’s offices feeling defeated and disempowered. This does not have to be the world we live in!

I see it as my life purpose to spread the positive and empowering message that you can play a big part in your own eyecare. You can achieve healthier eyes, which will lead to healthier vision. As our global healthcare paradigm shifts, more and more people are beginning to take more responsibility for their own well-being. If you are like me and are not convinced that glasses, contacts, or surgery are the best options for your optimal health then it’s time you did something about your eyes. Your eyes can heal, just like the rest of your entire body. Take some time to listen to your eyes and give them the opportunity to heal themselves.

By completing this nationwide book tour, I hope to reach hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people just like you who are ready to reclaim their own eyesight. Whether you buy the book, attend a talk or workshop, or even just learn that alternatives exist, my goal is to get more people thinking and talking about holistic eyecare in the 21st century. Think about how much our society has advanced in the past 100 years, how rapidly technology has increased, and how much our medical fields have evolved. Isn’t it time we rethink how we’re approaching eyecare and adopt a more interactive system that enables you to see more clearly if you so wish?

By supporting this tour, you are assisting me in reaching more people and helping free more people from the “life-long” addiction to visual crutches. It is an extremely empowering and freeing process to improve your own vision, and I hope to share that experience with more people.

Nathan’s table at the Alabama Book Festival in Montgomery, Alabama.

Nathan teaching an Eyesight & Insight Improvement Workshop at Arnold’s Way in Lansdale, PA.

Nathan signing a copy of his book after teaching an Eyesight & Insight Improvement Class at Be The Change Yoga & Wellness in San Jose, CA.

Nathan teaching an Eyesight & Insight Improvement Workshop at New Renaissance Bookshop in Portland, OR.