East Coast Book Tour Complete!

Thank you to everyone who attended one of my events this month up and down the northeast coast! I’ll be releasing a whole episode of the Naked Eye Podcast recapping the entire book tour, but until then feel free to check out some photos of the book tour complete with people, places, and things seen along the way…


Before driving up and down the North East Coast, I flew up to Minneapolis, Minnesota to teach a four hour holistic vision improvement workshop at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community Center.

Downtown Minneapolis and the Mississippi River at sunset.
Sitting at the top of the beautiful Minnehaha Falls.
Found some intense owl eyes on an art crawl in Minneapolis.

Then two weeks later I departed on my East Coast Book Tour, with my first stop in Richmond, Virginia to volunteer at the Peace Love RVA Yoga Festival and teach my first out of seven vision workshops of the month at Integral Yoga Center of Richmond.

The New Naked Eye Book Tour Mobile.
Started the tour off with helping out at the wonderful Peace Love RVA yoga festival in Richmond.
Taught my first workshop at Integral Yoga Center of Richmond.
Downtown Richmond from Libby Hill Park.

From Richmond I made a quick pit stop in Washington DC for a couple of days.

Walked all around DC and checked out some museums, the US Capitol, the National Mall, Monuments, and more.


My next stop was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to teach my second out of seven workshops at MAAS Space.

Downtown Philadelphia from one of the skyscrapers in Center City.
I found it auspicious that there was an artistic eye mural on the outside of the MAAS Building where I taught my workshop in Philly.
The City of Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love.

Continuing north, I drove from Philadelphia to New York City to teach my third out of seven workshops at the Integral Yoga Institute in New York.

Sitting outside the Integral Yoga Institute of New York in the sun.
Flyer for my workshop at IYINY.
The workshop in New York had a great turnout, and I was honored to have the opportunity to teach the class in the beautiful Lotus Room.
My first time in Brooklyn, New York with a wonderful view of the Manhattan skyline.

After New York, I continued up to Boston, Massachusetts to teach my fourth out of seven workshops at Brookline Public Library.

Nice to meet you too!
Inside the famous Boston Library.
I held a free book launch event at Brookline Public Library in Boston.

The farthest north I drove was to Portland, Maine to teach my fifth out of seven workshops of the tour at Breathing Room Yoga and Wellness Studio.

It was my first time in Portland, Maine and I loved it!
Maine has such rocky and otherworldly coastlines.
The wonderful space where I taught my Eye Yoga workshop at Breathing Room Maine.


I turned around and started to head back south, stopping in Chester, Massachusetts in the Berkshires to teach my sixth out of seven workshops at the Lightfield Foundation Community Center.

Stopping to take in the natural beauty of Western Massachusetts.
The Lightfield Foundation is a special place in a small town in Massachusetts that is doing amazing things. If you’re ever in the area you should definitely check it out.
I hiked to a waterfall and thought I was back in Asheville, NC for a second!

Finally, I made one last stop in Douglassville, Pennsylvania near where I grew up to teach my seventh and last workshop of the tour at Kaleidoscope Angels in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia.

The rolling hills of West Chester, PA near where I was born and raised.
I had so much fun teaching seven workshops in three weeks all up and down the North East USA!

Thanks so much to everyone who attended my events, bought my books, and helped make this North East North American Book Tour a success. Now it is time to prepare for my upcoming North West North American Book Tour in the fall, so stay tuned!