European Tour 2017 COMPLETE

After spending 28 days traveling through 7 countries in Europe, I’m back home safe and sound! I want to share my trip with you by showing you some highlights and photos along the way.

Not only did I offer five free natural vision improvement walks in five different cities, but I also attended a weekend-long International Holistic Vision Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.


The trip began with some family time spent traveling with my sister through Budapest, Vienna, and Prague. Then I continued solo, offering free Vision Walks in Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, and London. Here are some highlights of the trip below:


Getting ready to climb up to the castle in Budapest.
Sunset over Prague, Czech Republic.
The Parliament at night in Budapest, Hungary.
Soaking up some history and art at the Belvedere Palace in Vienna, Austria.
Sun setting behind Prague Castle.
My big sister Laura and I in Old Town Square, Prague.
I thought it was auspicious that my Airbnb in Budapest had an eye chart light fixture.
My first vision walk was in Letna Park in Prague, Czech Republic. Adam traveled all the way from Poland to participate in the walk!


The Brandenburger Tor on the day before my Vision Walk in Berlin.
My makeshift Vision Walk signs to make it easier for people to find me at our meetup locations!
Three people came to my Vision Walk in Berlin at the beautiful “Fairy Tale Fountain” in Volkspark am Friedrichshain.
The artistic remains of the Berlin Wall.
I traveled 1700 miles / 2700 kilometers on trains in 28 days! The longest train ride was 7 hours from Berlin to Amsterdam.


Despite the cloudy/rainy weather, Amsterdam was still gorgeous!
The participants of my Vision Walk in Amsterdam practicing the Bates Method technique called “Palming”
Eight people came to my Vision Walk in Amsterdam, and the weather held out for us despite the predictions for rain!
Gotta take a picture in front of the giant iamsterdam sign.
Practicing staying relaxed even while in stressful situations ๐Ÿ˜‰


The breathtaking Edinburgh Castle.
Looking out over Edinburgh and Arthur’s Seat, the big hill you can climb from the city.
One person came to my Vision Walk in Edinburgh, and we ended up getting some vegetarian lunch after!
My friend Barry and I climbed up to the top of Arthur’s Seat to get a 360 degree view of Edinburgh.
One of the main reasons for my trip was to attend my first International Holistic Vision Conference.
Dozens of people from all over the world came together to share knowledge and experience about the Bates Method of natural vision improvement at the 26th International Holistic Vision Conference.
The 2017 International Holistic Vision Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.
It was exciting to meet Meir Schneider, who runs the School for Self Healing in San Francisco, at the conference.


Downtown London from the top of the Tower Bridge.
Six people came to my Vision Walk in London, and we tried our best to stay warm on an overcast day in Regent’s Park.
Westminster Bridge and Big Ben (under construction) from the London Eye.
I saw this big eye on my last day of my Vision Tour through Europe. What a good omen to end the trip!
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