I am super excited to be coming to Europe and the U.K. in a month!

After attending a couple vision conferences here in the US with the Association of Vision Educators, I became inspired to attend my first International Holistic Vision Conference this fall. The conference itself is the last weekend in October in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’m not only going over there to attend the conference though. I figured, while I’m over there, I’ll travel around and offer some free vision improvement walks in various cities throughout Europe and UK.

Here’s my plan:

October 15th – Prague, Czech Republic

October 18th – Berlin, Germany

October 21st – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

October 24th – Edinburgh, Scotland

October 31st – London, England

If you live in or near any of these cities and are interested in attending a free natural vision improvement walk, please click here to send me your name and email so I can update you with the specific dates, times, and locations of my events as the time draws nearer. I will be setting a particular spot for us to meet up, then I’ll lead you on a short guided hike without your glasses or contacts while explaining some of the primary concepts and techniques of the Bates Method and more. It’ll be a great opportunity for me to share some natural vision improvement with you and maybe for you to share a little bit about your city with me!

For more information about the International Holistic Vision Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland this October, visit their website: http://www.ihvcedinburgh2017.co.uk/