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Give Up Your Glasses For Good: How To See Clearly Without Lenses or Lasers is the natural eye care alternative you’ve been looking for! Follow along as I guide you and a group of other vision students through the exact step-by-step process that I used to learn how to see clearly again and ditch my annoying glasses.


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When you enroll in this eye-opening 12 Week Group Online Vision Improvement Course you get…

  • 12 Weeks of comprehensive vision training, including…
    -34 instructional videos
    -13 guided audios
    -dozens of downloadable PDF materials designed to teach you exactly how to structure your own home natural vision improvement practice to begin seeing more clearly on the inside and outside.
  • 7 Live Group Coaching Calls
    -every other week to dive deeper into the training material and get your specific questions answered during the group discussion.
  • Paperback or eBook copy of Give Up Your Glasses For Good workbook
    -provides step-by-step instructions for over 50 vision enhancing practices covered in the course.
  • Holistic Eye Care Kit
    -mailed to you containing various vision tools used in the course like an eye patch, an eye wash cup, pinhole glasses, eye charts, and more.
  • 2 Complementary Private Online Sessions with Nathan Oxenfeld
    -to get one-on-one support and a customized vision training plan.
    -30 minute meet and greet session at the beginning of the course.
    -60 minute follow up vision lesson after the course.
  • Individual and Community Support
    -Email support from the teacher and access to a private Holistic Vision Community on Facebook.
    -Perfect Sight Without Glasses by Dr. William H. Bates
    -The Art of Seeing by Aldous Huxley
    -1 Bonus Vision Chart by Ray Gottlieb


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In this course you will:

  • Learn how to see clearly without glasses

  • Use natural methods to combat common vision problems (blurry vision, nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, lazy eye, dry eye, computer vision syndrome, digital eyestrain, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and more)

  • Discover many natural alternatives to glasses, contacts, and surgeries

  • Learn bad vision habits you need to break immediately

  • Integrate good vision habits all day long

  • Experience powerful vision enhancing practices to improve eyesight & insight

  • Uncover the real root cause of your vision problem

  • Relax your eyes, mind, and body

  • Explore the non-physical components of your vision

  • Discover and release suppressed or negative emotions effecting your eyes and vision

  • Understand the importance of eliminating eyestrain

  • Expose the negative side effects of glasses and how contact lenses suffocate your eyes

  • Break your addiction to your strong prescription lenses

  • Use “training glasses” to gradually wean down to weaker prescriptions

  • Encourage synchronistic teamwork between your left and right eyes

  • Establish a strong eye-mind connection

  • Expand your attention span and sharpen your mental focus

  • Build a daily vision improvement routine

  • Prevent your vision from getting worse over time

  • Prevent needing distance or reading glasses in the future

  • Boost your eye health holistically

  • Prevent smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers from ruining your vision

  • Avoid bad foods for your eyes and nourish them with proper nutrition

  • Experience deep relaxation physically and mentally

  • Calm down your entire nervous system

  • Decrease your stress levels

  • Perform better at school, at sports, or at work

  • See more clearly on the inside and the outside

  • Improve your memory, imagination, and visualization

  • Express your creativity and share your unique perspective

  • Become aware of the negative side effects of risky laser surgeries

  • Take your eye health back into your own hands

  • Increase your confidence and clarity

  • Align with your life purpose and fulfill your bigger vision

  • Feel your emotions and heal your past

  • Attain your highest potential


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What exactly will you learn in this 12 week course?

  • Week 1 – Beginning Your Natural Vision Improvement Journey 
    • Breaking Your Addiction to Prescription Lenses
    • Creating A Starting Point
    • Morning Vision Routine
    • Mental Focusing Practice #1
  • Week 2 – Building Your Daily Vision Routine
    • Moving Your Eyes – The Long Swing
    • Feeding Your Eyes – Sunning
    • Relaxing Your Eyes – Palming
    • Mental Focusing Practice #2
  • Week 3 – How To Use Your Eyes Correctly 24/7
    • The Fundamental Principle: Centralization
    • Centralization Practices
    • Mental Focusing Practice #3
  • Week 4 – Balancing Your Brain and Eyes
    • Fusion, Tracking, & Eye Teaming Practices
    • Brain Balancing Practices
    • Mental Focusing Practice #4
  • Week 5 – Seeing in 3D
    • Improving Depth Perception
    • Convergence and Divergence Practices
    • 30 Minute Vision Improvement Routine
    • Mental Focusing Practice #5
  • Week 6 – Yoga For Your Eyes
    • Yogic Eye Movements
    • Breathing Practices
    • Yoga Class for Eye Health
    • Third Eye Meditation
  • Week 7 – Seeing Clearly Up Close
    • Preventing & Reversing Farsightedness with Reading Practices
    • Mental Focusing Practice #7
  • Week 8 – Seeing Clearly Far Away
    • Preventing & Reversing Nearsightedness with Eye Chart Practices
    • Mental Focusing Practice #8
  • Week 9 – How To Prevent Computers From Ruining Your Vision
    • Tips & Techniques For Technology-Proofing Your Eyes
    • How To Use Pinhole Glasses
    • Mental Focusing Practice #9
  • Week 10 – Visual Hygiene
    • Diet, Nutrition, and Supplementation for Eye Health
    • How To Take An Eye Bath
    • Mental Focusing Practice #10
  • Week 11 – Your Past and Future Vision
    • Clarifying & Healing Your Emotional Past
    • Clarifying & Embodying Your Future Vision
    • 45 Minute Vision Improvement Routine
    • Mental Focusing Practice #11
  • Week 12 – Continuing Your Natural Vision Improvement Journey
    • Creating A Progress Point
    • How To Continue Your Practice
    • Extra Relaxation Practices
    • Mental Focusing Practice #12




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