Eyesight & Insight Immersion Retreat Recap

In the fall of 2019 I led a 4 Day Eyesight & Insight Immersion Retreat outside of Asheville, North Carolina at the beautiful Prama Institute. 13 wonderful visionaries traveled to the Blue Ridge Mountains to spend multiple days without wearing any glasses and learning how to heal their eyes holistically and improve their vision naturally.… Continue reading Eyesight & Insight Immersion Retreat Recap

Asheville Vision Retreat

Registration for the Asheville Vision Retreat is now open! Scroll down to register online… From October 17th to 20th, 2019, Nathan Oxenfeld is leading an Eyesight & Insight Immersion Retreat at Prama Institute just outside Asheville, North Carolina, USA! You will get to spend 4 days and 3 nights without glasses, while learning powerful vision enhancing… Continue reading Asheville Vision Retreat

New Year’s Resolutions: Visualizing Your Future

Episode 015: Clarifying Your Past, Present, and Future Vision and Exploring Your Eye-Mind Connection In this episode, Nathan invites you to think about your vision in terms of the past, the present, and the future. Your past vision refers to your vision history. To clarify your past vision you need to explore your own unique… Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions: Visualizing Your Future

Jnana Vision

The word “Jnana” (pronounced “yah-nah”) is Sanskrit for “knowledge”. Jnana Yoga is the Yoga of Knowledge or the path of Self-inquiry. One way to practice Jnana Yoga is to continually ask yourself “Who Am I?” It is an investigation of identity, an exploration of ego, a consideration of how we think of “I”. Initially, your… Continue reading Jnana Vision

Interview with Nathan Oxenfeld

I got interviewed by Brad Gudim from Synergy Cafe on Sunday, July 20th. It covers the who, what, where, when, how and why of Integral Eyesight Improvement and how I began assisting people in healing their own eyes. Check it out and explore some other Synergy Cafe interviews while you’re at it to learn about… Continue reading Interview with Nathan Oxenfeld

Be Aware of the Stare

Don't look a statue by staring

Do you ever catch yourself staring throughout the day? Do you ever wonder why you are staring? Let’s take a moment to explore the phenomenon of staring. Staring is one of the most common poor vision habits. The eyes stop moving and lock onto one object. Once the stare has taken hold it can be… Continue reading Be Aware of the Stare

Vision Myth #3

Vision Myth #3 – The shape of the eyeball cannot change and the lens is the eye’s only focusing mechanism. FALSE. The six muscles around each eye slightly change the focal length of the eyeball and work with the lens to focus on objects near and far. Accommodation is the ability of the eye to… Continue reading Vision Myth #3

Vision Improvement All Day Every Day

A student once asked me, “Do I have to do the Bates Method for the rest of my life?”  At first I replied that he had a choice.  He can either use the Bates Method and maintain or improve his vision naturally for the rest of his life or he can use glasses or contacts… Continue reading Vision Improvement All Day Every Day

Bates Method vs. Eye Exercises

Lots of people automatically associate “The Bates Method” and “Natural Vision Improvement” with “Eye Exercises”.  In reality though, eye exercises fundamentally contradict the main idea behind the Bates Method.  This important distinction between the two must be understood and a change of language is necessary when describing the Bates Method. “Eye Exercises” imply effort.  Popular… Continue reading Bates Method vs. Eye Exercises

Hatha Vision

The word “Hatha” is a Sanskrit word, which is broken down into two parts: “Ha” means “sun” and “tha” means “moon”.  Putting these two opposites together insinuates balance.  The branch of Hatha Yoga refers to the physical path, consisting of Asanas (yoga poses or postures), Pranayama (breath control and manipulation), and Kriyas (purity through proper… Continue reading Hatha Vision