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Optical Illusions: How Our Eyes Trick Our Minds

Infographic made by Jon Munro of Supersavers Opticians based in Dublin, Ireland. http://www.supersaversopticians.ie/glaucoma-test.php


Colorblind Behind the Wheel

Check out this neat article about colorblindness and driving written by Crystal over at John’s Driving School: “Over 200 million people are known to be color-blind across the globe. In the United States, 8% of the male population and 0.5% of the female…


Jnana Vision

The word “Jnana” (pronounced “yah-nah”) is Sanskrit for “knowledge”. Jnana Yoga is the Yoga of Knowledge or the path of Self-inquiry. One way to practice Jnana Yoga is to continually ask yourself “Who Am I?” It is an investigation of identity, an exploration…


Interview with Nathan Oxenfeld

I got interviewed by Brad Gudim from Synergy Cafe on Sunday, July 20th. It covers the who, what, where, when, how and why of Integral Eyesight Improvement and how I began assisting people in healing their own eyes. Check it out and explore…


Vision Myth #5

Vision Myth #5 – The sun is bad for your eyes and ultraviolet light should be blocked out at all times. FALSE. The sun has gotten a pretty bad rap in the past half-century. We hear it all around, that the sun ‘poses…


Vision Improvement All Day Every Day

A student once asked me, “Do I have to do the Bates Method for the rest of my life?”  At first I replied that he had a choice.  He can either use the Bates Method and maintain or improve his vision naturally for…


The Six Branches of Integral Eyesight Improvement

As the name implies, Integral Eyesight Improvement integrates several paths toward the achievement of improved eyesight.  The holistic nature of I.E.I. is represented by the interconnected circles in its symbol, which emanates out of an eye, whose shape is formed from two overlapping…