My Journey From Blur To Clarity

The most noticeable difference between the picture on my 2011 drivers license and the picture on my 2019 drivers license is probably my hair. The less noticeable difference is the fact that in 2011 I was wearing contact lenses in order to see clearly while driving. Now, eight years later, I am able to drive without needing contacts or glasses. This is proven by the fact that my old license had a restriction on it stating that I required “corrective lenses”. Between 2011 and 2014 I significantly improved my vision naturally using the Bates Method, so when I went to renew my drivers license I showed up without any artificial lenses… and since I was able to pass the vision test at the DMV, they removed the restriction from my license, so now it says “none”.

In Episode 31 of The Naked Eye Podcast, I recount my personal journey from daily dependence on glasses and contacts for myopia and astigmatism for over a decade, to reaching the point of seeing 20/20 without lenses. Take a walk down memory lane starting all the way back when I got my first pair of glasses in elementary school, some of the deeper underlying root causes that most eye doctors don’t talk about, all the way to college where I was first introduced to The Bates Method and natural vision improvement.

I share the exact steps I took starting from the first day I began retraining my vision, the initial successes I experienced, as well as some of the hurdles and challenges I encountered along the way. Follow along as this journey ventures through Iceland, Yogaville, Central America, USA, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia! As you listen to this personal story, you’ll also gain insights about your own personal vision story, and also pick up some helpful hints and “a-ha” moments throughout.

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