45 Minute Follow-Along Vision Routine

    Episode 028: Follow-Along Holistic Vision Routine with Nathan Oxenfeld In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld guides you through about a half-dozen holistic vision practices to give you a personal experience of natural vision improvement. Settle in, eliminate all distractions, and follow along for about 45 minutes of: Diaphragmatic Breathing, Sighing,… Continue reading 45 Minute Follow-Along Vision Routine

20/20 Vision Is Effortless

As the beautiful sights and smells of autumn envelop our surroundings we can take a moment to learn a lesson from nature’s changing seasons. Autumn is a time of letting go. All around us we witness trees letting go by dropping their leaves to the ground. What can this teach us about ourselves and specifically about our vision?… Continue reading 20/20 Vision Is Effortless

How Do You Use Your Eyes?

You may know that you use your eyes for almost everything you do each day. But has anyone ever asked you how you use your eyes before? Have you ever analyzed how you use your eyes? There are only two possible ways you can use your eyes: in a strained way or in a relaxed… Continue reading How Do You Use Your Eyes?

Bates Method 101: Palming

Below is an instructional video about Palming, a central practice of the Bates Method of natural eyesight improvement. Most people overwork their eyes and do not give them sufficient rest. I always recommend that people palm every day. Right when I wake up I palm my eyes before I start my day and right before… Continue reading Bates Method 101: Palming

Look With Love: The Art of Receptive Eyesight

The phrase “Look With Love” sounds nice, but what does it mean? Maybe to understand what it means it will help to understand what it doesn’t mean. When not looking with love you look with fear, doubt, judgement, concern, worry, confusion, resistance, effort or strain, which all lead to blurry vision. Therefore when looking with… Continue reading Look With Love: The Art of Receptive Eyesight

Swing Your Way to Clearer Vision

Do you remember how much fun you had playing on swing sets as a child? Think about how relaxing it is swing gently in a hammock or to sway back and forth in a rocking chair. These activities are not only fun and relaxing, but they can benefit your eyes as well. You don’t need… Continue reading Swing Your Way to Clearer Vision

Bates Method vs. Eye Exercises

Lots of people automatically associate “The Bates Method” and “Natural Vision Improvement” with “Eye Exercises”.  In reality though, eye exercises fundamentally contradict the main idea behind the Bates Method.  This important distinction between the two must be understood and a change of language is necessary when describing the Bates Method. “Eye Exercises” imply effort.  Popular… Continue reading Bates Method vs. Eye Exercises