Vision Myth #1:  Visual loss cannot be stopped or reversed.


Visual loss can be stopped in its tracks and reversed through relaxation and vision training, returning the eyesight to 20/20 or better.

The human body has miraculous healing powers. When you scrape your knee the blood clots, a scab is formed and in a few days a new cellular layer has formed. When you get an infection the body temperature rises to kill off certain bacteria and viruses to rid the body of infection. Even injuries as serious as broken bones have the potential to mend and heal. Why then, would this intelligent phenomenon apply to every inch of the human body except for the eyes? Why are the eyes the only exception to this overwhelming rule?

After deep consideration I have come to the conclusion that the eyes are not an exception to the rule of self-healing. The rate that the body regenerates is astonishing. By the time you finish reading this sentence, fifty million of your cells will died and been replaced by others. Each expansion and contraction with each inhale and exhale marks a mini-cycle of death and re-birth. We are constantly evolving and growing for our entire lives. Beyond the physical ability for the eyes and muscles to renew and heal, we also have the capacity to establish new habits and learn new psycho-physical skills.

caveJust as we can learn to a foreign language, learn to play a new instrument, learn to play a new sport, or learn to sing, we too can learn to see. We may not remember, but there was a time early on in our lives when we had to learn how to walk, learn how to run, learn how to listen, understand and speak. We also had to learn how to see. Our eyes worked fine, but our minds were not developed to interpret what the incoming light, colors and movements meant. We used to know how to see effortlessly and perfectly. Many of us have forgotten those days of clear vision because as time progressed and we took on greater levels of stress and tension, we replaced our proper vision habits with incorrect vision habits, leading to residual eyestrain over time and loss of vision. Integral Eyesight Improvement is the conscious abandoning of poor vision habits and the re-learning of the proper vision habits we employed as children. Through this simple method functional visual conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, strabismus, glaucoma and even cataracts can not only be stopped in their tracks, but can also be reversed, returning the eyesight to a normal range where lenses are not needed. When it comes down to it, it is very simple. If an infant can maintain proper vision habits and see perfectly, I think you can too.